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U.S. Army - Government Purchase Tracking Application


Business Challenge

Government credit card holders had challenges with end-of-year expense reporting requirements. The original tracking system was hosted as a SharePoint Excel spreadsheet that was unsuitable for a multi-user and medium transactional environment. Requests were not being responded to in a timely manner due to the slow performance and limited search capabilities of the implemented solution.


The government’s goal was an authenticated, intranet, web-based application that would allow credit card holders to add, view, edit, track, and manage their purchase requests. The web application would need to route requests to specific approvers at different levels defined by a workflow. Management required the ability to pull custom time-based reports for the various budget teams and funding types.

To increase web responsiveness of the tracking system, and to reduce the number of requests sent to the server, we used SignalR. Spring-boarding off real-time data updates, a great user experience was created by using bootstrap and the Angular JavaScript framework. Telerik’s Kendo UI for HTML5 was also used to add advanced custom controls.

Project Success

POWTEC Solutions, LLC achieved all goals for this project. Automated tracking and routing of purchase requests through a three-tiered structure reduce end-of-year expense reporting requirements for government credit card holders. The application is so responsive that the average time to complete the purchase workflow across all approval stages is two hours from request to final purchase authorization. This installation is the first to embrace three-way purchase request tracking. To date, the application has tracked over $9 million in purchases.

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