Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

POWTEC Solutions’ GIS Professionals Help You to Analyze and Envision the Geographic Aspects of Your Data and Grow Your GIS Infrastructure

POWTEC has extensive experience with many GIS development and analysis applications, including data collection, management, and editing; visualization and thematic mapping; spatial analysis; and data quality evaluation. We are well versed with the Esri suite of products, including ArcGIS Pro/Desktop, ArcGIS Enterprise/Online, ArcGIS data collection tools, and Esri application development tools.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services Areasgeographic-information-systems.jpg

  • Geodatabase Design and Implementation
  • Spatial Analyses
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Facility Asset Management
  • Space Utilization/Space Management
  • Application Development and Implementation
  • Data Conversion
  • Enterprise Server/Portal Deployment and Management
  • GIS Integration Services
  • Data Quality Evaluation and Standardization
  • Web Mapping / Development
  • Geospatial Dashboard Development
  • Database Administration, Integration and Migration
  • Desktop and Web-Based Tool Development
  • GIS Support/Training
  • CAD/GIS Integration
  • Cartographic Support
  • GIS/GPS Data Collection – ArcGIS Field Maps, Survey123
  • Metadata Standardization
  • Specialized Data Standards - SDSFIE

POWTEC's GIS projects include Natural Resource Management, Facilities Management, Environmental Analysis, and other Spatial Data Management projects.  We incorporate the latest data standards, including Spatial Data Standard for Facilities, Infrastructure, and Environment (SDSFIE) geospatial tools to provide data across multiple platforms for both military and civilian organizations. 

From a simple view by personnel in the field to more advanced editing of enterprise geospatial data, POWTEC employs secure methodologies and integrates the latest platforms to provide accurate geospatial data and tools.

POWTEC Brings Specialized Experience in the Following Areas: 

  • Natural Resource Management
  • Mapping Applications
  • Facilities Management and Condition Assessments
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Surface/Topographic Analysis
  • Archeological Research/Cultural
  • Urban & Regional Planning
  • Environmental Mapping/Sensitive Species Monitoring/Environmental Impact Analysis
  • Demographic Mapping
  • Engineering Analysis
  • Utility Mapping/As-Builts
  • Desktop and Web-Based Cartography
  • GPS Surveys and Field Data Collection
  • LiDAR Analysis
  • Desktop and Web Application Development
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